Trutech IT- Your Trusted ADMCC Certified Integrator in Abu Dhabi

Trutech IT’s Role in this Vision

Intelligent City Integration

As an ADMCC certified integrator, we are crucial in realizing the intelligent city concept. Intelligent cities are safer, utilizing advanced infrastructure to connect and protect citizens while creating a more efficient and liveable space.

Digital Transformation for Enhanced Safety

In line with ADMCC’s objective, we embrace digital transformation to interconnect public and private services. Our solutions contribute to increased innovation, efficiency, and credible measures to enhance the safety and security of Abu Dhabi’s citizens through advanced CCTV security cameras in Abu Dhabi.

Our Specialised Services

Office CCTV

Secure your office with our advanced CCTV solutions. Our ADMCC Certified engineers guarantee the latest technology for comprehensive workplace surveillance.


Protect your loved ones and property with our customized home CCTV solutions. Our certified experts design systems tailored to your home's unique security needs.

School CCTV

Create a secure learning environment with our school CCTV solutions. We specialize in comprehensive surveillance systems to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Warehouse CCTV

Secure your inventory and assets using our specialized warehouse CCTV solutions. Our integrators, well-versed in the unique challenges of warehouse security, offer tailored solutions.

Outdoor CCTV

Extend security beyond walls with our outdoor CCTV solutions. ADMCC Certified engineers design and implement effective perimeters, parking lots, and outdoor facilities surveillance systems.

Why Choose Trutech IT?

ADMCC Abu Dhabi

Why Choose Trutech IT?

Tailored Solutions:

Every space is unique, and we customize our services to meet your specific security requirements.

ADMCC Certified Expertise:

Trutech IT is a certified ADMCC in Abu Dhabi Integrator, pivotal in realizing Abu Dhabi’s intelligent city vision.

Cutting-Edge Surveillance:

Our solutions focus on deploying advanced technology, optimizing control centre operations, and enhancing video stream efficiency for mission-critical surveillance.

Award-Winning Partnerships:

We collaborate with industry leaders like HIKVISION to bring award-winning solutions to your doorstep.

Create a Safer Tomorrow with Our Integrated Solutions

Act Now! Trutech IT empowers you with scalable, secure, and highly available solutions. Transform your security landscape and be prepared for whatever the future holds. Join Trutech IT in building a safer, smarter Abu Dhabi – Transforming Visions into Reality.

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