Email Security: Protect Your Business from Email Scams

Email Security

Email is the most important communication tool for many businesses. It is used by businesses worldwide to invoice customers, communicate with suppliers, and collaborate internally.

However, the email system lacks security. Attackers can easily spoof domains to make their emails appear from trusted contacts, distribute malware and spam via email channels, and use social engineering to trick users into making payments or logging into fake accounts.

Moreover, cyber-attacks are on the rise, affecting thousands of businesses daily with ransomware, malware, and viruses. Researchers had estimated that ransomware alone will increase by 134% in 2021, with further increases in malware attacks expected through 2022. Businesses find it increasingly difficult to stay ahead of malware as attackers invest time and resources in developing advanced software that circumvents security measures.

Comprehensive email security is the only way to safeguard businesses against these attacks. With strong email security under the guidance of an IT solutions company in Abu Dhabi, you can protect your company’s data from attackers by blocking incoming email threats.

Businesses must also follow the best security practices to safeguard their email. Here are some ways to protect your email.

  • Implement Strong Email Defences

Strong email protection is the first and most important practice that businesses should implement. Strong email security, such as a Secure Email Gateway, enables organisations to prevent malware threats and phishing emails from reaching employee inboxes. These services are available as cloud services, on-premise services, or in a hybrid model. They sit in front of your email network and filter emails for spam, graymail, and other malicious emails.

  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Connecting your smartphone to your email can protect your account from hackers. Even if your email account passwords are compromised, no one can access them unless they have access to the device to which they are linked. Multi-factor authentication should be enabled on all critical business accounts, not just email accounts.

  • Encrypt Company Email

Encrypting company email with specialised email security software is an excellent way to keep hackers at bay. The encryption system ensures that only the sender and recipient can access the emails. Hackers will not see sensitive data if they intercept an employee’s Wi-Fi connection or email account.

  • Use Strong Passwords For Email Accounts

Strong passwords are the foundation of account security. On the other hand, businesses frequently fail to secure their emails with strong passwords. If your company operates in this manner, you should know that the easier the password, the easier it is to hack, particularly through brute-force attacks. When hackers try to guess a password by flooding your account with thousands of attempts, this is a brute-force attack.


Ensure everyone in your organisation secures their passwords to protect your business email from such attacks. Secure email passwords are as follows:

  • Long
  • Complicated
  • Characters of various types are present.
  • A mixture of both upper & lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
  • Unusual (never reused from previous accounts)

These points are critical if you want to keep your company safe. However, passwords that are difficult to crack are also difficult to remember. The last thing anyone wants is to have their account so well secured that they can’t access it.

  • Back-Up Your Files Regularly

You should regularly back up your files on a server or an external hard drive. This ensures that you have a backup copy somewhere else. If you ever lose them via email, you still have important files in storage.

Alternatively, you can use a cloud-based system that backs up any changes to your files automatically. This is critical because cybercriminals frequently target small businesses. They believe they lack the resources to fight back.

Bottom Line

Protecting your business from email scams and threats is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Implementing strong email security measures, such as a Secure Email Gateway, is essential to block malware and phishing attacks. Additionally, enabling multi-factor authentication, encrypting company emails, using strong passwords, and regularly backing up files can further enhance your email security.

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Email Security: Protect Your Business from Email Scams

Email Security