How Can You Shield Your Business Against IT Threats?

How Can You Shield Your Business Against IT Threats?

The global information technology (IT) industry is estimated to be worth $5 trillion. As every business relies on IT infrastructure, IT is a massive industry. As a result, organisations ranging from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations and governments must prioritise infrastructure security.

And you’ll be shocked to know the fact that there’s a good chance your company is one of the 83% of businesses that face the risk of a data breach. A cyber attack indeed happens every 39 seconds. In fact, over 2000 cyber attacks are launched daily against unprotected internet-connected systems.

As data volumes increase, you know that your technology assets and systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks resulting in data breaches. If cybersecurity practices are neglected, this risk increases significantly. Here is some outstanding IT infrastructure security that every business should implement. 

Best Practices of Cybersecurity for IT Infrastructure Protection


Robust Firewall System

Firewall solutions in Dubai should be an important part of any cybersecurity strategy. Check that they are properly configured because a poorly configured firewall poses as much risk as none.

Nonetheless, many businesses struggle with network-level firewall setups. Each employee’s device must have a firewall, but the system must be secure. As a result, it is highly recommended that hardware and packet-filtering firewalls be installed. They provide an additional layer of network infrastructure security. To know more about Firewall solutions in Dubai, contact the best IT support services provider. 

Always Backup Data

Another important precaution you should take is to create data backups. A data backup saves all data and versions from your computer network’s devices to a digital archive, making them easy to retrieve when needed. In this manner, you can avoid permanent data loss incidents caused by imponderables such as cyberattacks, device malfunctions, user errors, or even natural disasters.

Cybersecurity for IT Infrastructure

Validated Software and Hardware

Choosing hardware and software that is inexpensive or even free is extremely appealing. However, there are some unspoken risks to making such a decision. You can choose solutions that already include an effective security mechanism. But ensure that you know that this usually comes at a price.

Furthermore, it is critical to refrain from downloading software from untrustworthy websites. They could contain malicious software. It can infiltrate your system and give others access to your company’s private information.

Data Encryption

Use data encryption whenever possible. Encrypted files are generally worthless to hackers who successfully breach the system but lack the keys. IT companies must test data categorisation regularly and use encryption when necessary. VPNs can also provide an additional layer of security. This is important for your employees who may need access to sensitive information from remote locations.

Have a Strong Password Policy

A strong password security policy must be built into the framework of your IT protection strategy. This policy may include password management tools that allow you to share your computer system’s password with only authorised users while ensuring encryption security that keeps unwanted trackers at bay.

Hiring Cybersecurity Expert

Even the best IT infrastructure security practices may not always be effective. Companies are still struggling to manage their time and resources to implement cybersecurity. Working with a cybersecurity expert can assist you in avoiding this risk. Our Trutech IT team can. We provide critical cybersecurity services by integrating and managing cybersecurity technologies and procedures. Connect with us to learn more about cybersecurity for IT infrastructure protection.

How Can You Shield Your Business Against IT Threats?

How Can You Shield Your Business Against IT Threats?