Know the Prime 10 Advantages Your Business Can Reap from G Suite

G Suite for business In Abu Dhabi

Google provides several tools and services to its users to help companies run smoothly. Not only standalone tools but whole tools that come for unified systems; there are various to choose from. One of them is the G suite. Whether you have a small or big business, G Suite offers some flexible and useful apps. It has business email hosting, video conferencing, and various other things that are required to run an organisation. Despite so many channels available, like email and docs, switching to G Suite provides cutting-edge features which improve business efficiency and productivity. 

So, if you are planning to choose G Suite for business In Abu Dhabi (google workspace) for your business, let us dive into its unique benefits. 

  • Uptime and Security

There are various Google tools in the market that have scheduled downtime. But with G Suite, there is no such case, and it is always on. Also, Security in G Suite is one of the best things because it is inbuilt into the google cloud platform. Businesses get the benefits of email encryption, regular transparency reports, and many more.

  • Simple to use and Familiar

This is another major advantage of using G Suite that your employees are going to enjoy, and improves their work activity. The transition to G suite is easy and seamless as they don’t have to waste time learning how it works. It is the unanimous tool for most mobile devices, where all apps work without any issues.

  • Increased File Storage

File storage is one of the most common issues with small to big corporations. But with G Suite, one can store huge amounts of data in the cloud, up to 30GB. This helps the team to upload and collaborate on large files, from photos to documents. Also, one can use Google Drive every time to collaborate with notes, blog posts, office updates, and many more.

G Suite for business In Abu Dhabi

  • Single Sign – In

With G Suite, one can enable a single sign-in for other business applications like Salesforce, DocuSign, and many more. This will eliminate the need to remember all complicated passwords. 

  • Customised User Interface

It is very easy to customise the user interface by replacing the Google login with your company logo. It aids in making a more approachable and personalised experience for your team. 

  • Multiple Email Addresses

G Suite gives an opportunity to hold multiple email addresses by creating email aliases. You can add up to 30 email aliases for an employee’s email address. If you’re running multiple businesses with different brand names, you must have a separate domain for each business. In this case, G Suite helps to have one domain as the main domain and the other as aliases. 

  • Improved Team Collaboration

If you want to collaborate with your team on the same document, you can do it with the G Suite. Your team members can access and work simultaneously on the sheet, slides, and docs.  

  • Offline Possibilities

There are many people in your organisation who aren’t aware of using G Suite offline. You can access your Drive and Gmail offline from the cloud and work on them. To access your file, you must enable G Suite administrator through the Google Admin Console dashboard. 

  • Access Control

G Suite gives you the ability to control access to your organisation’s data. It provides context-aware access control over the apps which a user can access. Access level is set based on the user’s identity, IP address, device used, and location. By using access control, you can easily detect doubtful device activity and unauthorised access to data stored in the drive.

  • Support 24*7

You will get 24*7 support from G Suite customer support via email, call, and live chat. If you’re a beginner with this tool, you can be sure that you will get 360-degree customer assistance and your queries will be resolved. 

The Bottom Line

Now you must have understood how G suit is a powerful tool with great productivity and collaboration that will help you to run your business work seamlessly. So, if you want to get a G suite for business in Abu Dhabi, Trutech can help you with all installations and all IT-related issues. 

Know the Prime 10 Advantages Your Business Can Reap from G Suite

G Suite for business In Abu Dhabi