IT support involves providing technical aid to individuals or organizations to address issues related to software or hardware. The primary objective of IT support is to assist users in resolving particular technical difficulties they may encounter.

As an IT support provider in Abu Dhabi, we at Trutech IT offer help for a wide range of issues, including hardware and software malfunctions, network disruptions, malware removal, protection from foreign threats, etc. From home IT support in Abu Dhabi to managing the IT infrastructure of a big-size firm, we provide it all with great precision.

We have a professional and certified team of experts who provide business hour support for any services we provide, which is free of charge up to 3 days from the date of the completion of the same task. We provide support to our customers anytime and anywhere.

Effective and efficient business operations are critical to the success of any organisation. While technology can be an ally, it can also be intricate, and the repercussions of technical difficulties can be costly, resulting in service delays or failures.

To mitigate these risks, investing in proactive managed IT support is a wise decision for businesses of all sizes. This investment can be instrumental in enhancing competitiveness, optimising business processes, and elevating customer satisfaction.

We ensure technical issues and keep them at bay or rectify them ASAP to prevent the effect on the business. Our warranty policies include the following:

Warranty on AMC: The first three months after the AMC agreement is signed & the advance payment is made will be considered a probationary period. During this time, customers benefit from evaluating the services provided by the contractor and verifying whether all promised services are fulfilled. If, in any case, and with valid reasons, the customer is unsatisfied with the services and wants to terminate the contract within the probationary period, 50% of the advance paid by the client will be refunded on a pro-rata basis, if applicable. After the successful completion of 3 months, the contract will be valid as per other terms mentioned in the signed agreement.

Warranty on non-AMC services – We provide a maximum of 3 days back job support for services provided by us and if the issue is related to the same job done by Trutech IT.

Once we have an opportunity, we listen to the client’s needs and what they want to achieve. We design a solution based on the client’s needs and vision and most importantly the budget. We also make sure the ROI on the investments is good for at least 3-4 years.

Choosing a dependable and competent IT support team can be a formidable task since anyone can claim to offer these services. However, you can adopt certain measures to ensure that you select a reputable provider. For example, you can check their partnerships and accreditations. Also, you can check the services and compare them with other top IT support companies.

Yes, by implementing several security measures like firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection systems, IT support providers also ensure to protect your data from cybersecurity threats. These threats include- phishing scams, social engineering attacks, etc.

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